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Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Post/Apologia

I'm a self-obsessed twenty-something. Starting a blog is mandatory. This is, of course, only one in a series of failed blogs, but I plan to keep this one up. For realsies! I've got a cool title this time (The Slush Pile - huh? huh???) and a sort-of cool moniker (I'm not married to "The Bookinist," so if you've got any suggestions, feel free). So I'll write about books, and feminism, and veganism, and stuff that occurs to me, and probably How I Met Your Mother.

About me: I'm an editorial and marketing assistant (read: an intern, but with a salary and health benefits) at a small, feminist scholarly press of which you've probably never heard. Previously, I interned for three months at small, feminist trade press of which you've probably never heard called Tightrope Books, and a giant behemoth of scholarly publishing (and printing, and retail, and journals, and distribution...) called University of Toronto Press. Previously to that, I worked in a bookstore for three years. I'm a yuppie, a culture vulture, and maybe just a little bit of a hipster douchebag.

I'm also vegan, and single, and I ride the subway a lot, and I like movies. All of these things will probably make it into my blog. It'll be tight, yo. Check back often for cool features like Good Book o' the Week and Feminist Dilemma Friday! (Because nothing starts your weekend off right like examining your motives through an anti-patriarchal lens, amirite?)

Keep it classy, twenty-something yuppies.

Your pal,
The Bookinist

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